An older couple leaning against a blue wall smiling to show how dental implants from our Bellevue dentist can transform your smile An older couple leaning against a blue wall smiling to show how dental implants from our Bellevue dentist can transform your smile

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All-on-4 Dental Implants® allow you to start a new life in just a day!

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Dr. John Minnoch

Your Bellevue dental implant expert.

  • Trained with Dr. Paulo Malo, the creator of All-on-4® procedure

  • Attended the University of Washington

  • Over 20 years placing and restoring dental implants

  • Only solo practitioner offering All-on-4® Implants in Bellevue

  • Patient and professional

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98% of All-on-4 Implants® restored patients would recommend the procedure to friends.
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As an admittedly nervous person when it comes to dental work, the staff at Bellevue Dental Care have been amazing! After taking me through a treatment plan, the execution at every stage has been beyond my expectations and the results like night and day.

- J. Rogers, Actual Patient

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FREE Dental Implant Consultation & CBCT Scan

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Are dental implants the best solution for you? Find out with our free consultation! This will include a CBCT Scan, which is a 3D scan that a gives us a comprehensive view of your mouth. This tool enables us to more accurately pinpoint the best treatment for you.

Why Should I Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures?

  • Most dentures are positioned incorrectly.

    Most dentures are positioned incorrectly. Natural teeth are offset from the bone whereas dentures must sit over the bone. Dentures also diminish the back teeth and fail to support the face as they should.

  • Dentures often fit inadequately.

    Dentures often fit inadequately, and as your facial bone recedes with age, the teeth are placed further and further towards the back causing your lips to lose natural support which gives you that sunken look many denture wearers have.

  • More Cost Effective.

    If too much time passes, there will be insufficient bone mass to complete an implant procedure, and your dentures will fail to stay in place at all. The earlier your All-on-4 Dental Implant® procedure is completed, the more cost effective it is.

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